Saturday Workshop Descriptions  

January 27 and February 3

Leaders: Anita Welych and Allyn Stewart
In this two-week workshop, participants will spend one week generating text and images to create a narrative about family. The following week, they will learn several book structures (which may include: accordion, poem book, Japanese side stitch, pamphlet) and combination bindings. Participants will incorporate their family stories into a unique, handmade book. If desired, they can also make blank books as a way to learn how to bind books.

Participants may bring to the workshop any materials they wish to incorporate into the books: bits of cloth and paper, copies of family photos, newspaper articles, ribbons, string, etc.


February 10

Leader: Jeanie Gleisner

This workshop will introduce basic sewing techniques using a sewing machine. A simple sewing project will be demonstrated during the two hour workshop which will introduce methods for pattern cutting and sewing with an electric sewing machine. Participants will have an opportunity to cut fabric pattern pieces and will be introduced to the operation of a sewing machine.


February 17 and 24

Narrative Drawing:

Leaders: Dorene Quinn and Yvonne Buchanan
The class will offer participants an opportunity to explore personal stories and experiences related to dislocation and relocation. Participants will explore visual methods of story telling, and will learn techniques including pen and ink drawing, charcoal drawing, wire construction and mixed media.


March 3 and 10

Sunprint Quilt:
Leaders: Joanna Spitzner and Julia Wilson
Participants will make several pictograms by  arranging personal objects, other objects, drawing or text to make compositions on light sensitive paper and fabric. The class will arrange fabric squares into a quilt composition. During the second session, a quilting bee will be held to create a quilt comprised of all the squares created by participants.

March 17

Leader: Maura Brewer

Crocheting, which is similar to knitting but uses a hooked tool to make loops, will be introduced in this workshop.  Participants will use a non-traditional and widely available material—plastic shopping bags—to learn the basics of crocheting.


March 24 and 31

Jewelry Making:
Leader: Kyle Patnaude

This workshop will introduce participants to basic jewelry making. This includes how to use metals to make chains, as well as using non-traditional materials such as plastic. Participants will create jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings.


April 14

Leader: Lori Brown

Description to come


April 21 and 28

Leader: Joanna Spitzner

In this class, participants will learn the basics of shooting photographs. They will experiment with digital cameras, pinhole cameras, and disposable cameras. Participants will make a photo essay about any topic or experience of their choosing.

May 5, 12 and 19

Leaders: Sandra Stephens and Linnea Paskow
This workshop will provide students the ability to make short 5 – 10 minute videos that document and share the similarities and differences of their refugee experience with others.  Students will interview each other, create monologues as well as shoot their lives over a period of a few weeks. This workshop is designed to give students a familiarity with video editing on the computer using iMovie and will explore the creative potential of video.  Other items covered will be the burning of video DVDs and sending video through email.  If English is not your first language, you need to be sure that your level of English is sufficient to cope with learning new software.
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