Press Corps commissioned a mixture of respected and up and coming writers to give a critical account of the Biennial (See adjacent page).

Bios of writers



  Art Not Art HTML | PDF
Art Not Art in Liverpool
  Dave Beech HTML | PDF
Biennialism, or the Neo-universalisation of Art
  David Briers HTML | PDF
Pleasant Street Revisited: A Discursive Commentary on the Liverpool Biennials, 1999-2004
  John Byrne HTML | PDF
‘Feedback-Loop’: Liverpool Biennial 04 Still Under Construction.

  Hewitt and Jordan HTML | PDF
Talking up the social

  Sharon Kivland HTML | PDF
The Call of Duty
  Steven Paige HTML | PDF
Two Birds one Stone - Liverpool Biennial 04
  Gareth Woollam HTML | PDF
Will the real Spartacus please stand up?